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Study Tips for cracking CA Intermediate Exam


Preparing for the CA intermediate exam is a challenging task as there are lot of subjects to study in detail and the entire syllabus needs to be covered. The CA or the chartered accountancy exam is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or the ICAI. Passing the CA intermediate exam is considered as an important milestone in one’s career. There are three levels of examination to become a chartered accountant- foundation, intermediate and final.

Preparing for the main subjects

There are several subjects in the CA intermediate exam that the aspirant has to study. One of the subjects is accountancy and the student must concentrate on the subject well. Accountancy is the subject where the student has the chance to score well. The student should revise the sub topics in the accountancy like financial statements and cash flow statements. The student should remember that the other subjects like the corporate law and the other laws are very vast in nature and one should study very hard to score well in this paper. The examination syllabus is divided into corporate law and other law and the student has to study both of them. The reason is that there is a compulsory question from the syllabus and it covers both corporate laws and other laws. So, the student cannot skip the other law section in the syllabus. Cost and cost management is another paper where the student has the chance to do fairly well. The aspirant should revise the topics in cost management like Material cost, Employee Cost, Direct Expenses and Overheads. The student can also focus on method of costing and cost control and analysis. In the CA intermediate exam, there is also a paper on taxation in which the student needs to learn about advanced taxation concepts and income tax.

Few Study Tips

For the CA intermediate examination, memorizing without understanding the concept will not be useful. The student should understand the concept and revise the entire syllabus. For every day, there should be a time table and the student must finish the targeted course for the day. Practising the previous years’ question papers and solving mock tests are also very important.

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