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Should You Be Concerned About Multiple Attempts In CA Exams?

Often, the number of attempts it takes to clear the CA exams is a topic of debate. While there is no cap n the attempts you can make, it is important to know does multiple attempts affects your credibility or eligibility. Do companies evaluate your profile based on the number of attempts? In this blog, we will discuss these concerns in detail and help you understand the whole scenario.

What is the ideal number of attempts when taking the CA exams?

There is no such ideal number of attempts when trying to clear CA exams. You must have a target organization in mind that you will be looking forward to join. The number of attempts it takes must depend on the eligibility criteria and standards of that particular organization. Companies with operations all across the globe will have complex criteria however other smaller organizations would be lenient.

Do multiple attempts make a difference?

Yes, they do. The companies will check how many attempts it took for you to clear the CA exams.

Why do companies bother about the number of attempts?

Several organizations and companies take in consideration the number of attempts you took to clear CA exams. They evaluate your eligibility and knowledge based on the numbers. There are companies that have it clearly mentioned on their job advertisement. They set an eligibility criteria based on the number of attempts acceptable.

Do multiple attempts affect me on a personal level?

Yes, they do. You will have to invest a lot of time and efforts for each attempt and as the number increase, more efforts and time get wasted. You may also lose confidence as each failed attempt may affect your preparation approach.

With multiple attempts, do I lose my chances to get placed at a credible firm/ company?

Irrespective of the attempts it took, if you cleared the CA exams, you have strong chances too land up at a good job. However, as aforesaid, there are a few companies that do consider the number of attempts as an eligibility criterion. Hence, if you are targeting a huge and reputed firm, it may affect you.

While multiple attempts are an option, you must plan well and try to clear the exam in as minimum attempts as possible.

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