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What are the benefits of having a CMA USA Certification?

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), USA is a reputed qualification. Candidates with Certified Management Accountant (CMA), USA qualification are more recognized by multinational companies and offered great roles and salary. The qualification is weighted higher than other qualifications as the American educational establishments maintain high standards of education. Several reputed colleges offer cma usa course in kerala. There are several benefits of CMA USA Certification , here are a few of them:

1. Eligibility for CMA USA

If you wish to pursue the CMA USA course and enjoy the benefits of CMA USA, it is mandatory to fulfill the eligibility criteria for the same. Here is a list to make it clear for the candidates.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized university or college with 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Candidates with more than two years of work experience in Finance or Management are also eligible to apply
  • Candidates should pass the papers Financial Planning & Analysis and Financial Decision Making within a time span of three years to be eligible for the certification

2. Scope of CMA USA

Here is a tabular description to explain the scope of CMA USA and a brief idea about the CMA job profile.

scope of CMA USA
Staff AccountantHandling the accounts department of any organization
Budget AnalystFormulating and analyzing the budget of any company
Finance ManagerTaking care of the entire finance of a company for managing appropriately
TreasurerActing as the cash manager and performing the basic accounting tasks
Cost AccountantHelping to plan, budgeting & monitoring performance, setting standard unit costs and recommending appropriate cost-saving opportunities
Financial AnalystPerforming financial forecasting, reporting, tracking operational metrics, analyzing financial data, creating financial models, and handling an array of activities such as gathering data, organizing information as well as analyzing historical results
ControllerManaging all accounting records and producing financial reports
Chief Financial OfficerAppropriately managing the entire financial actions of any company
Internal AuditorProviding independent assurance that an company’s risk management, governance as well as internal control processes are operating in the right way
Senior AccountantRegulating and authenticating all financial transactions of any organization
Chief Executive OfficerMaking the major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations as well as resources of any organization
Some reputed job positions you can get after doing CMA USA certification

3. Benefits of CMA USA certification

Here are a few major benefits of CMA USA to help candidates gain a better understanding of the usefulness of the course. 

benefits of CMA USA

a) Freedom to opt for a suitable location for work

CMA USA Certification is recognized by the majority of the reputed business firms and organizations. Considering the changes in the business landscape, the syllabus and methods taught under the program are flexible. The comprehensive syllabus and all-encompassing educational features of the course ensure that the candidates are well-taught and trained to take a majority of rules and business responsibilities. The qualification speaks for the credibility of the individual and hence candidates with CMA USA Certification are offered options to work at a location of their choice.

b) High career growth prospects:

As candidates with CMA USA Certification possess great knowledge, skills, and talent, they are valued by the organizations. The top management is dedicated to retainingsuchemployees and thus offers suitable pay, power, and promotions. The candidates enjoy a great pay package even at the entry-level jobs and the chances of promotions are high.

c) More power and value

As a cherished talent, the individuals with CMA USA Certification enjoy more power and value in any organization. They are an asset to the company and hence maintain a position in the notable books of the Chief Executive Officer, top-ranking officials, and members of the director board. The performance of CMA USA Certified individuals is valued by the company and hence due importance is provided to them.

d) Options to work with your dream company

With CMA USA Certification there comes a great opportunity the course makes you a strongcandidate with the power to negotiate for greater roles at leading organizations. You can also change your jobs easily as there are many options available to you.

e) Multiple Career Opportunities 

With a CMA USA certificate, a candidate explores multiple career opportunities. The certificate helps to get a better entry-level position in various companies and options for promotion. Moreover, the certificate makes a candidate eligible to manage the accounts department of any organization and allows quick promotion to a management position.

f) Good Growth in Terms of Earning 

The candidates with the CMA USA certificate have the scope of earning about 67 percent more as compared to the ones possessing only a Bachelor’s degree. Moreover, candidates with experience can be a part of the management team of any company. The average annual salary of CMA USA certificate holders is about eight to ten lakhs per annum.

g) Opportunities are Global 

The CMA USA certificate provides global opportunities to the candidates. The course provides a better understanding of accounts, finance, and business, thereby creating several opportunities for the candidates at a global level. 

h) Business Approval 

CMA USA certificate is accepted all over the world and the course is considered to be one of the best accounting certifications for management since it is a perfect blend of business & accounting which is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of CMA

4. CMA USA Exam Pattern and Passing Score

CMA USA Exam consists of two parts.

  • Part 1 – Financial planning, Analytics, and Performance
Technology and Analytics15 %
Performance Management20 %
Internal Controls15 %
External Financial Reporting15 %
Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting20 %
Cost Management15 %
  • Part 2 – Strategic Financial Management
Corporate Finance20 %
Investment Decisions10 %
Decision Analysis25 %
Professional Ethics15 %
Financial Statement Analysis20 %
Risk Management10 %

Let us understand a bit about the CMA USA exam format.

Type of QuestionsTotal Number of QuestionsTotal Time
Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs1003 Hours
Essay Type Questions21 Hour
  • CMA USA Exam Pass Score

The candidates are required to answer 50 percent of the multiple choice questions to unlock the essay type questions. The CMA USA exam is marked on a scale of 0 to 500 and the passing score is 360. A score of 360 and above indicates a pass.

5. AFP – One of the Premier CMA USA Training Institute

AFP takes pride in being one of the leading CMA USA training institutes helping candidates to prepare for the exam and come out with flying colors. Here are a few of the pointers that make AFP one of the top CMA USA training institutes.

  • Vastly experienced faculty members
  • Providing world-class training and education
  • Extensive library
  • State-of-art laboratory facilities
  • Soft skills training
  • Affordable fees
  • 3 locations in Kerala at Pala, Thiruvalla, and Kottayam

We believe that it is one of the most sought-after courses as they make you a stronger and valuable candidate for leading business firms and organizations. If you wish to do the course and enjoy the benefits of CMA USA, do not waste any more time and get in touch with our admission team for a quick admission to AFP.

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